About Q-Step

Q-step is another gui written in QuickBasic 4.5 for dos.
Its design is very new:

  • It use re-usable modules like files, color and date selector.
  • All modules are compiled exe file to reduce app's memory footprint.
  • The GUI Library is splited, to include only the code needed by the app
  • A lot of widget are Available: Button, Textbox, but also Item List , radio button list, checkbox list, etc...
  • Intensive using of Drag&Drop (a function in the library is also provided to handle it into your app)
  • Non-blocking Button handling (Q-Step don't use DO...LOOP when a Button Click occurs)

A killer feature of Q-Step is the "Documents Shelf" A place to bookmark your frequently used file using the file selector or the file manager:
Drag a file from the selector to the shelf, and it will be bookmarked.
To use this bookmark, drag the item to the app's window, and it will be opened/used.
For now , the Icon editor, the text editor and the Audio Tracker can handle it

The desktop include a widget that show the next appointments.
It show the date , the time , and the title of each item in the list. The user can select an item, and open it. The desktop will then launch the planner to show the entry's day.