Killers Applications

Audio Tracker
The audio tracker is a music software based on FMSong by Archaf Cherti, available at

Audio Tracker is a little different, there is no track (in the original version , a chanel can have multiple track,with a diffent tempo, but each track is limited to 256 notes). And his file format is easyer to unterstand.
It can import FMS music, and FMI Instrument, but it save the music to his file format (.FMX).
The sofware use also the Documents Shelf from Q-Step (it's a bookmark for frequently used files). If you drag a FMS or FMX file, it will load the song. If you drag a FMI file over a chanel, it will change the chanel's instrument.
Planner is a software that lets you manage your time.

When you click on a day in the calendar, it open the "Day view" where you can see all appointment from 8Am to 9PM You can easily visualize a month and see what days you are busy
Virtual pet
Adopt an adorable companion and help them to grow.

Feed, care for and play with your pet. It will thus gain the experience needed to evolve to the next level
If you forget your pet, it will be even more hungry, more likely to become ill and can die.
Dont' panic! You don't have to stay in front of your screen. You can leave your Pet. The algorithm will take care to simulate changes for your return
4 Stade, 3 Evolutions :
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Baby Child Teenager Adult